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Sunday 11: 00-12: 30

Flow of worship

  • Accompaniment / hymn

  • Pastoral prayer / Bible reading

  • Pastor's prayer / message

  • Donation

  • Sacrament (Weekly, baptized Christians are welcome)

  • Hymn

  • announcement

If you are new to us, please come to the reception desk at the entrance of the synagogue. I will guide you.

Please feel free to rent out the "Worship Ceremony," "New Bible Translation 2017," and "Psalm Convocation" used in worship.

Donations are an expression of gratitude to God, not compulsory. We will use it for activities such as churches, evangelism activities, and other churches.

Online delivery

We are live-streaming worship services on YouTube.

Mitaka Evangelical Church Channel

Bible Basic Study Group

After worship, please feel free to join us for a Bible study session.

Aisankai (currently suspended)

Lunch is prepared after the service, so please join us at the time of fellowship.



10:30-12:00 聖日礼拝

12:00-12:45 日曜学校「はと組」

12:30-13:30 愛餐会

13:30-14:30 聖書勉強会・サンデースタディ・日曜学校「獅子組」

18:00-19:00 English Bible Study

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